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Shirlee Grund Jewelry is handcrafted in Seattle with recycled precious metals, ethically sourced stones, and low-impact, earth friendly studio practices. We are dedicated to beautiful craftsmanship, sustainable production processes, and marriage equality.


We purchase recycled precious metals from SCS Certified refiners that follow high standards for recycled metals and green processing. These suppliers take in old or unwanted jewelry and silverware, scarp from jewelry studios, silver from photo processing, and precious metals from electronic devices, and refine these materials into forms that jewelers can use again, such as sheet metal and wire. Recycling metals helps reduce the demand for new mining operations. 


We use recycled diamonds whenever available. Our recycled diamonds are purchased from Hoover & Strong and have been reclaimed from old jewelry, cleaned, verified, and graded. These are the most environmentally friendly diamonds available as they avoid both the social and environmental issues typically found in the mining and exporting of precious gems. 

All diamonds are purchased from reputable US diamond dealers and are certified conflict free through the Kimberley process via their source. We can provide GIA certified and Canadian diamonds upon request.


Shirlee Grund Jewelry uses a variety of precious and semi precious gems in our jewelry. We make every effort to offers ethically sourced gemstones that are traced from mine to market. Not all gemstones can be accurately traced to their source, however, and we are always working to establish new, responsible sources for gemstones. If you have a questions about a certain stone, please ask. Moissanite and Chatham lab grown stones can be substituted in many of our designs, often at a lower cost; contact us for options and pricing.


We also support several charitable organizations through both monetary and product donations, including the League of Conservation Voters, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. Check out our current benefit necklace in our etsy shop